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Relating to the Types of Plan & Eligibility

No, you can choose “Group of Individuals” under “No. of Travellers” which allows up to 6 insured persons per policy.

No, you are unable to as travel insurance has to be activated before your departure from Hong Kong SAR.

Relating to Medical Cover

“Pre-existing Medical Condition” means any sickness or injury of which, in the 6 consecutive months before the first day of the Period of Insurance, an Insured Person, Immediate Family Member, Travel Companion or Business Partner presented signs or symptoms, or for which, in the same period, such person(s) sought or received (or ought reasonably to have sought or received) medical treatment, consultation, prescribed drugs, advice or diagnosis by a Physician.

No, the policy does not cover any pregnancy-related issues. 

Dental treatment is covered only if it is a result of an accidental bodily injury and to teeth which were sound and natural before the accident. Dentures are not covered.

You have to seek medical treatment overseas in order for you to follow-up with your treatment upon your return to Hong Kong SAR.

Relating to Baggage or Personal Property Cover

Yes, but you must report to the local police or equivalent local law enforcement officials within 24 hours of the occurrence and provide written proof of your loss having been reported to such officials when you submit claims.

No, it would not as unaccompanied baggage is not covered.

No, property confiscated by governmental authorities is not covered.

Relating to Trip Cancellation

This Policy covers this circumstance, provided that certifications issued by a doctor stating the health condition and the traveller being unfit to travel is accompanied with claims application.

In the event of:

  1. The sudden and unexpected death of an Insured Person, an Immediate Family Member, intended Travel Companion or Business Partner; or
  2. The Bodily Injury or Sickness of an Insured Person or an intended Travel Companion; or
  3. The Bodily Injury or Sickness of an Immediate Family Member or Business Partner; or
  4. The unexpected compulsory quarantine of an Insured Person; or
  5. The jury service of an Insured Person or an Insured Person being the subject of a witness summons; or
  6. The unexpected occurrence of a Strike, Riot or civil commotion at a destination; or
  7. Serious damage to the Insured Person’s Principal Home from fire, flood, earthquake or similar natural disaster; or
  8. The unexpected issuance of a Black Alert for a destination.

The policy covers Trip Cancellation caused by covered events, which excludes business obligations.


No. Chubb does not impose any excess on the “Chubb TravelCare Protection Plan” policy.

The above FAQs are for reference only. Coverage of the insurance policy including all terms, conditions and exclusionsshould refer to the Policy Wording.

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